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So, Planned Parenthood… you want to keep safe, abortion legal? That’s NO abortion legal.

In all life-threatening emergency situations; car accidents, heart attacks, seizures… one of the first things we do is check for a pulse. We check to see if the heart is still beating. We can all agree that a heartbeat detects life.

Earlier this fall, I had the honor of attending the Heartbeat Bill hearing in Columbia, South Carolina. Many states have already voted on and passed the heartbeat bill.

The Heartbeat Bill would make abortion illegal as soon as an embryonic or fetal heartbeat is detected. During the hearing, pro-life and pro-choice advocates came before the senate and testified as to why they stood for the bill or why they stood against it.

One of the first things that caught my attention as soon as I walked into the senate room was the Planned Parenthood tee shirts, many women were proudly wearing. These shirts said “KEEP SAFE ABORTION LEGAL”

If you aren’t familiar with Planned Parenthood (PP), they are the largest abortion provider in the United States. Planned Parenthood claim they provide women’s healthcare; mammograms and prenatal care… however, it’s been proven that Planned Parenthood facilities don’t even offer the care and services they advertise. Research/Video coverage of women calling Planned Parenthood facilities all across America shows when a woman asks for a form of healthcare treatment (mammograms or prenatal care) Planned Parenthood says they only offer abortions. Planned Parenthood has been caught lying to women, aiding sex traffickers, and covering up child sexual abuse.

Planned Parenthood and pro-choice advocates argue that we have to keep Planned Parenthood facilities open, so women have access to healthcare and safe abortion.

In reality, there is NO such thing as a SAFE abortion. Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities would like to fool you into believing that abortion is a safe procedure, and after the abortion, you’ll be able to walk out of the facility and never look back.

But that’s a lie.

So, let’s talk about legal abortion, right now in the United States. Abortion that pro-choice and abortionist say is safe…

A Planned Parenthood facility in New York City just hospitalized its ninth patient in just eight months. According to Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization, on August 22nd, an ambulance arrived at Planned Parenthood, as a woman was taken out of the facility on a gurney with her face covered by a sheet. So, that’s safe abortion?

An abortion facility in Tacoma Washington, is responsible for tearing a hole in a 15-year-old girl’s uterus during her abortion. She walked into the clinic with her mom, and they began the process for a two-day long abortion procedure. This type of abortion is also known as a D&E abortion, which happens in the second trimester when the baby is 13-28 weeks old. The baby has a heartbeat. The baby is forming legs and arms. The baby can feel pain. The following day, the mother and 15-year-old daughter returned to the facility to complete the abortion. It’s in this part of the procedure, the child is killed through dismemberment. One of the risks that abortionists fail to inform woman of is a uterine perforation, which is tearing a hole in the uterus during the procedure, caused by the abortionist. That’s what happened to this 15-year-old girl. Her abortion doctor tore a hole in uterus during the procedure, and she was rushed to the hospital. So, that’s safe abortion?

An abortion facility In Cleveland Ohio, failed to treat 26-year-old Tia Parks correctly, and she died the day after her abortion, due to hemorrhaging. She went in for a first trimester abortion procedure, which abortion advocates argue is a safe routine. However, this instance proves them wrong. Tia Parks had a heterotopic pregnancy, meaning she was carrying twins - one in her uterus and one in a fallopian tube. She also had a rare enlarged heart condition. Not only did the abortionist not care or even know about Tia’s heart condition - it is believed that he was not even aware of her ectopic pregnancy. The day after her abortion, she started having severe abdominal pain, and rushed to the Emergency Room. But it was too late. Tia died just hours later. An autopsy report later revealed that she died due to hemorrhaging after her left fallopian tube ruptured. Tia died because of the neglect and lack of care she was provided by her doctor. So that’s safe abortion?

The argument is that we need to keep safe, abortion legal. But the truth is, no form of abortion is safe. Women deserve more than this pain, neglect, and risk.

Woman deserve more than abortion.

So, Planned Parenthood… you want to keep safe, abortion legal?

That’s NO abortion legal.

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