Intentionally ending the life of a preborn human being is not essential.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Planned Parenthood - America's largest abortion provider, has made numerous social media posts advocating that access to abortion is an essential right for women. First, I want to point out that intentionally ending the life of a preborn human being is not, and could never, be an essential “right for women.” It’s heartbreaking to know that in a time like this, a federally funded and loudly applauded national organization like Planned Parenthood is trying to raise advocacy to end human life.

This is an instagram post made by Planned Parenthood in April.

Planned Parenthood likes to claim that a preborn person is not yet a human being. However in this post, they admit that a preborn person is in fact a child.

They do not say a clump of cells. They do not say pregnancy tissue.

A child.

A child is defined as “an unborn or recently born person.” A person.

Essentially what Planned Parenthood is saying here is: “Hey, if you don’t want to have a child, or if you got pregnant against your will – that’s ok. We can take care of it for you.”

I do want to touch on the topic of abortion in the instance of rape – when women truly do become pregnant against their will. Rape is an awful and horrific thing that is impossible to justify. The pain and trauma women experience after rape is more than I could ever imagine. When a woman becomes pregnant from rape, the father of the child should be held responsible for his action and suffer for what he did. But the child should not. Why should we give the death penalty to a child for something their father did? Would you kill the innocent girl who is the victim of rape? Absolutely not. So, why would we kill the child?

Nobody should be forced to have the decision of whether they live or die be up to another person. No child should have their right to life taken away by someone else. The child cannot speak in the womb, but that does not make them any less of a human being. We have to remember that we were once that child in our mother’s womb. For nine months, we did not have a voice. YOU were once that “clump of cells…”

There is no such thing as a “safe” abortion. Abortion is a complicated and dangerous procedure with a long list of side effects and complications. “...complications include infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, uterine perforation, cervical injury…”

Abortion always takes the life of the unborn child, and leaves the woman with lifelong pain, trauma, and at risk for multiple health issues.

Check out a post below, recently made by the Pro Life Group, Operation Rescue…

“As the State of Illinois was enduring a full lockdown, Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, was open for business and conducting elective abortions in a facility packed with twice the number of people allowed under COVID-19 orders issued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker. In the midst of the pandemic, on April 22, 2020, an ambulance was called to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility after something went wrong with an elective surgical abortion. According to 911 records provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League, one abortion client suffered excessive bleeding (hemorrhaging) and required emergency medical transport to Rush Copley Medical Center, where ironically, elective surgeries were prohibited.”

This is just one of the many instances where Planned Parenthood has put a woman in a serious critical condition due to a complication in an abortion procedure.

Women have died during and after undergoing abortion procedures in Planned Parenthood clinics. Twenty-four year old Cree died due to complications from an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Her brother spoke out regarding her death…. “We approached Planned Parenthood to try to get Cree’s medical documents from them, but they weren’t willing to give them to us. Justice has not been given to my sister. I lost two people that day. Not just a sister, but a niece or nephew as well.”

Last week was “women’s health week” and I want us to remember a few things…`

  1. Planned Parenthood does not offer safe sexual and reproductive healthcare for women.

  2. Planned Parenthood lies to women about services they provide.

  3. They have been caught paying uber drivers to secretly pick up minors for abortions without their parents’ knowledge.

  4. Planned Parenthood covers up child sexual abuse and aids sex traffickers.

Pro choice advocates argue that Planned Parenthood is a “pro woman” organization that works to “empower women and protects women’s rights.”

This could not be further from the truth.

Abortion is not empowering and you cannot protect women’s rights by ending the lives of thousands of unborn children - many of whom are women.

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