Telling Your Parents About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

March 16, 2018



When it comes to unplanned pregnancies, telling the people around you can be difficult.  Depending on the circumstances, the idea of telling your parents might seem overwhelming.  Some of the common concerns we hear from patients that are worried about telling their parents include:


"They're going to be angry."

"They'll be disapointed in me.  I was supposed to be the good kid!"

"I'm scared they'll kick me out."


We understand these concerns, and we have some tips for making this conversation as smooth as possible.


Plan how you're going to tell them.

Springing big news on people suddenly usually isn't a good idea, no matter what the news is.  Figure out when and where you want to talk to your parents.  Try to time it so there will be plenty of time for a long conversation if you need one.  Will it help you to have a support person with you?  Planning these things can help cut down on some of the stress.


Be prepared for them to be shocked.

How did you feel when you found out that you were pregnant?  Were you shocked?  Scared?  In denial?  Your parents may experience these feelings too, and they may need a little time to process them.


We've got good news.

Our patients that are so worried about telling their parents?  Most of the time, their parents don't react nearly as bad as our patients think!*  Remember, they're your parents, and they love you.



*If you are in a situation where your parents do kick you out, or if your parents are trying to pressure you into making a decision regarding your pregnancy, there are resources for you.  Contact us at 803-746-4946 or email us as

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