Prepping for School

July is coming to an end, and thoughts are turning back to school. If you have young kids they may or may not be excited about the idea. Either way, transitioning from summer schedules to school schedules can be tricky. Today I've got a couple tips for you to help make the transition a little smoother.

1. Adjust their bedtimes early

In the summer many people have a tendency to let kids stay up a little later and sleep in a little longer. Start getting them back on a sleep schedule that's a little closer to what they'll be living with during the school year. Adjusting their schedule a little at a time may be easier for some kids than a sudden change.

2. Start talking about school

This one kind of feels obvious, but sometimes it's the obvious steps that are easiest to miss. Remind kids that changes are coming, and talk about what those changes are going to look like, especially if this is their first year starting school.

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