Pool Safety

July 7, 2017


Summer is in full swing, and for many families that means time spent at the pool.  Swimming can be fun for the whole family (plus it's good exercise), but it can also come with it's share of risks too.  So here's a couple of quick tips to help keep everyone safe.


1. Never leave kids unattended at the pool.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's very easy to get distracted and not pay close attention to kids while they're swimming.  Try designating someone whose sole job is to watch the kids, even if you're at a pool with a lifeguard (lifeguards are watching a lot of people at once; it's possible for them to miss something).


2. Teach kids how to swim.

Again, this is something that seems kind of obvious, but it's important enough to mention.  If kids are going to spend time around water, they need to know how to swim.


For more pool safety resources, check out poolsafety.gov.

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