Have a Safe Spring Break

March 10, 2017


Spring break is almost upon us.  That means (hopefully) sunny weather, fun trips, and some rest from school.  But while spring break can be a great time for making new memories, it also carries its share of risks as well.  So here's a couple of tips for keeping yourself safe while you enjoy your break!


Travel in a group.  There is safety in numbers, and if you're going out of town it's better to have other people with you.  And while you're gone, try to make use of the buddy system too.


Notice your exits.  When you enter a building, take thirty seconds to notice where your exits are and plan a route you can take to get out fast if you need to.


Stay alert.  Now, I don't mean for you to spend you're whole break paranoid, but I do want you to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in crowds, at ATM machines, and approaching your car.


If you feel uncomfortable, leave.  If anyone you meet is making you uncomfortable, or giving you a bad feeling, listen to that feeling!  Find a friend (if you use the buddy system, one should be nearby) and get going.


Spring break should be fun, but don't forget to take some simple steps to keep you and your friends safe.  For more tips on having a safe spring break, check out this article.

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