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be informed. be empowered.


We're here to help you navigate all of the resources available to address your parenting needs. Carrying to term may seem overwhelming, depending on your situation, but we’re here to walk with you through your journey. We provide free services to our clients such as referrals for free maternity and baby items, diapers, formula, cereal, baby food and other community resources in order for you to have everything you need to become a successful parent.



We're here to help you explore all pregnancy options. Making a life plan for your baby may be your preferred choice.  Many types of adoption plans are available: Confidential Adoption: Provides total confidentiality for adoptive parents and birth parents. Semi-open Adoption: Gives both families an opportunity to develop a relationship over time. It permits sharing some information. Open Adoption: Gives everyone involved the opportunity to have continued contact after placement of the baby. Palmetto Women's Center will help you sort through these options. Whether or not you choose adoption, we are here to encourage and support you.

South Carolina law requires that a woman considering abortion be given information about all of her options. That means that she will have to sign a document prior to having an abortion saying she has been informed of all of her options. South Carolina law also states that she has the right to view her ultrasound image and wait an hour before making any final decisions. That’s why Palmetto Women's Center is a good place to start.


Abortion - We do not perform or refer for abortions.

Some women, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy feel like abortion is the only option. Because abortion is a permanent decision, sometimes with long lasting effects, it is a good idea to get as much information as you can about all your options to make an empowered decision.

It is important for anyone seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound before making a decision:

  • To date the pregnancy - this determines the abortion procedure

  • To determine if baby has a heartbeat - 1 out of 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage

  • To make sure baby is in the uterus - ectopic pregnancy requires immediate medical attention