College & Career Panel

Speak Truth-Live Pure-Remain Strong


"And don’t be intimidated by those who are older than you; simply be the example they need to see by being faithful and true in all that you do. Speak the truth and live a life of purity and authentic love as you remain strong in your faith."


Educating, Equipping, Encouraging, and Enforcing young adults in York and surrounding counties.


Empowering young adults in our community to choose life and love life, by speaking truth, living pure, and remaining strong through the ultimate giver of life


  • Education: To educate the panel and community on pro-life matters: presentations, videos, events, etc.

  • Enforce: To enforce the pro-life mission: Contact local and state government officials; organize community events.

  • Encourage: To encourage young adults to propel the pro-life message: encouragement cards, goodie bags, active on social media.

  • Equip: To equip young adults with the truth about life: gather supplies for all meetings and special events; collecting resource materials and information.

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