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Dear Prolife Friends,


One of the greatest challenges the pregnancy care centers across America faces is funding.  The second biggest challenge PRC's all have in common is insuring the community knows who we are, what we do, how to get involved, what services we offer and who can use them.  The second challenge only exist because of number one, funding. 


If are engaged in the prolife movement you may have seen the SC abortion statistics, presented by agencies such as SC Citizens for Life and National Right To Life.  Every life matters, one abortion is too many and therefore any abortion statistic presented is a reason for pause and prayer. What you may not know is that the SC numbers presented only reflect abortions that are performed on SC soil.  What does that mean?  That means that women from York and Chester County who go to another state for an abortion are not counted in the SC abortions numbers.


Until June of 2019 there were 3 private clinics in Charlotte, approximately 29 miles from Rock Hill that performed abortions.  Other clinics that women from SC could go to have an abortion included a private owned center in Greenville, SC, 96 miles away and a Planned Parenthood in Columbia, SC, 70 miles from Rock Hill.  As you can imagine, due to the distance over 95% of women from our county who have abortions drive to Charlotte, NC for them.  



 of our number In June of 2019 Planned Parenthood opened the 4th abortion clinic in North Carolina.  

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