2019 Annual Fundraising Banquet


Guest Speaker

Christy Austin

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Christy Austin is a licensed therapist and co-founder of Enkindle Ministries. She is passionate about equipping the Church to bring transformational revival to their local cities. Her sensitivity to the spirit brings healing encouragement through prayerful teaching, writing, and worship. Not only does she enjoy training up the next generation, Christy is fervent about equipping the Church to daily reveal His Power in every area of life. Christy wholeheartedly believes as the Church returns to love and unity, His power will restore communities and nations.

Christy grew up in the Church, but never grasped Christianity as an intimate relationship with Christ. After feeling much confusion over legalistic, nonsensical rules, she “walked away from the faith” for several years. After endlessly searching for answers and looking for worldly love to fill a broken heart, Christy returned to her faith only because of her mother’s ceaseless prayers. Christy shares how God restored her brokenness and bad choices through His infinite faithfulness and love. Her heart for prodigals is evident in her prayer meetings, personal life, and quiet moments.

Christy defines herself as a “marketplace revivalist” sharing His love, joy, and peace with others daily through the ordinary common places such as her job, grocery store, gym and school. Christy has authored several devotionals, writes a weekly blog, speaks at conferences, hosts weekly podcasts, and leads community prayer with her husband, Paul Austin, a dynamic worship leader.

Christy is honored to mother three boys who she commonly refers to as Kingdom warriors. She resides in Aiken, SC with the “love of her life,” Paul. Christy’s favorites include walking, laughing with family, any activity on the beach, restoring furniture, and coffee filled conversations with friends.