Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
Dear Pastor,

We know that God places a high value on every 

human life, and that every life is a unique story.           

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a time to reflect on this, and to bring awareness to the most vulnerable among us: the unborn.

Talking about abortion during a worship service can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary.  Did you know that surveys have shown that 4 out of 10 women that have an abortion were attending church at least once a month at the time of their first abortion?  That's almost half of the women that have had abortions.  This is a conversation that the church should have.

PWC has created a FREE Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Kit for you to download to help you observe this national event.  The actual date is January 19, 2020, however we hope that you will choose two Sundays a year to discuss this necessary topic.

The SOHL Kit includes:   (Sign-up form below)

  • A 2019 Sanctity of Life Video to share statistics for abortion along with visuals from limited ultrasound video and pictures from our very own medical clinic and staff

  • A practical strategy for "How to Make the Most of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday" this year

  • Sermon helps - Powerpoint slides with current statistics for SC, York County & Chester County and statistics of how PWC is impacting the war on life.

  • A 2019 Sanctity of Life PDF bulletin insert for you to print and distribute.  There are ways listed that your congregants can get involved with PWC

  • Information on how your church, business or small group can participate in a Changeolope campaign (formerly known as baby bottle campaign)

  • Information on a "Choose Life luminaries" event your church can use at the conclusion of your event

  • Bibles studies for your small groups and youth leaders to teach to provide education for our youth and healing for your women


With your help, we can increase the amount of COMPASSION, HOPE and help offered by our churches to women and men facing pregnancy decisions or dealing with a past abortion in their life.


Keep in mind this SUNDAY is a day that is observed nationally, however Sanctity of Human Life can be observed any time of the year and/or multiple times a year.  We hope that you will choose to make a time to talk about this important subject with congregants.  With God's help and people of faith coming together we believe that we can decrease the number of abortions and possibly even abolish it in our lifetime.

Sanctity of Human Life Event Kit